Melissa Gordon

London-based artist Melissa Gordon's (b. 1981) takes up questions of authorship and abstraction in her ongoing serial projects: Blow Up Modernists, Structures for Viewing, and most recently, Material Evidence. In these series, Gordon implements her particular cache of gestures - enlarging hidden details, zooming in on patterns of reproduction, and distorting information with abstraction in paintings, silkscreens and installations – to reconfigure histories, surfaces, and iconographies through a feminist lens. With her sculptural installations, prints and paintings, Gordon takes a humorous and insightful stance vis-à-vis modernist art history, challenging the canon precisely through her close and unique reading of it.


Melissa Gordon was born in Boston in 1981. She received her BFA in Painting & Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence) in 2003. She continued her education at the Cooper Union School of Art in 2002 and participated in the post-graduate art program at De Ateliers in Amsterdam from 2003-2005. She has exhibited throughout Europe and the UK including shows at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Wiels, Brussels, Kunstmuseum Bonn and Marres, Maastricht. Her first solo exhibition in New York, A Lonely Crowd, was in 2009 at Marianne Boesky Gallery, followed by Structures for Viewing (2012), a curated group exhibition, Specific Collisions, at the Gallery’s uptown space in early 2013, and another solo exhibition at BOESKY EAST in 2014.