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The Regent's Park, London, UK, October 12 - 16, 2022 
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Marianne Boesky Gallery is pleased to participate in the 2022 edition of Frieze London with a presentation of works by Sanford BiggersPier Paolo CalzolariJammie HolmesSuzanne McClellandSarah MeyohasDonald MoffettCeleste Rapone, and Michaela Yearwood-Dan that highlights the gallery’s full spectrum of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. The fair will be on view October 12 – 16, 2022 in London at The Regent’s Park.


Recent paintings by Suzanne McClelland, Celeste Rapone, and Michaela Yearwood-Dan reveal a vibrancy and energy across diverse practices and career stages. Rapone’s sharp-edged, subtly layered, deeply hued compositions explore the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, while Yearwood-Dan and McClelland use markedly different abstract vocabularies to explore connections between the visual and linguistic. Rapone’s canvases are populated with allusions pulled from art history, pop culture, and autobiographical sources surrounding female figures that impossibly contort into the confines created within the painting. In large-scale canvases, McClelland celebrates the physicality of speech and sound, and examines the evolution of meaning as it makes its way through the body and into space. Her works are infused with social commentary, underscoring the way in which language itself is gendered and politicized by its context. With swirling strokes, vibrant palettes, and thick layers of paint, Yearwood-Dan cultivates lush scenes based on her observations of society and self that borrow freely from pop culture, Blackness, feminism, botanical motifs, and personal visual narratives.


Two artists new to the gallery this year represent the program’s range: self-taught artist Jammie Holmes draws from personal memory and intersocial relationships, while Sarah Meyohas examines the cybernetic affinities between modern technology and the natural world. Holmes’s complex figurative paintings investigate and illuminate the emotion and complexity of Black life in the deep American South with nuanced compositions and the elevation of quotidian detail. The gallery will present work from two of Meyohas’s groundbreaking series: Interference—fractionalized holograms that use light technology to recreate vibrant color patterns in nature—and Speculation, large-scale photographs which manipulate reflective surfaces to portray perspectival tunnels extending into infinity. This serves as visual metaphor for value and the blockchain itself – holding up a mirror to the alchemical ways in which value is created.


Together with these artists in the earlier stages of their careers, the gallery’s presentation features important late-career paintings by Pier Paolo Calzolari that extend and deepen the artist’s decades-long poetic fascination with alchemical materials. Continuing to incorporate sculptural elements made of organic matter such as salt and seashells, his striking new use of raw pigment powders and tempera in saturated colors imbue the works with a sensorial exuberance. A new marble bust by Sanford Biggers emphasizes his continual engagement with hybridized forms that transpose, combine, and juxtapose classical and historical subjects to create alternative meanings. Donald Moffett’s recent resin painting from his Nature Cult series explores humanity’s occasionally destructive relationship with nature, continuing the artist’s deep study of how art and the environmental crisis might collide.


Individually, each work is exemplary of the artist’s unique practice; together they represent the rigorous engagement with complex concepts, materials, and ways of making that are foundational to the gallery’s program.