Sarah Sze

October 20 - November 18, 2000

Marianne Boesky Gallery is pleased to announce that the first solo exhibition at 535 West 22nd Street will be Sarah Sze. Best known for her elaborately fused installations, seen in institutional settings around the world, this will be Sze’s first solo foray in a commercial gallery space.


For this show, Sze turns gravity on its head. The viewer enters in the middle of a process, a moment in an evolution. Each piece thrusts across the room toward implied vanishing points. Dynamics are frozen while motion is everywhere implied. Instead of witnessing a monumental and activated accumulation of everyday items, here Sze is seen breaking down familiar objects, not toward their raw materials or states, but animated as a collision and an unraveling of information, mapped as bits. While remaining low-tech in its making, Sze’s animation of form somehow implies the visual language of high-tech manipulation.