VAPOR: Group Show, curated by Donald Moffett

March 23 - April 20, 2002

Marianne Boesky Gallery is pleased to present VAPOR, organized by Donald Moffett.


VAPOR is about the fleeting, the forgotten, the unseen and the unsaid. The artworks span the 20th Century, with spills on either side of that great divide. A show about the elusive is perhaps best described by the artists and works included. VAPOR starts with the expectant awe and promise of the Henry Brothers’ 19th C night sky photographs from the Paris Observatory.


Andy Warhol’s film Empire is shown continuously. There is a late painting on paper by

Mark Rothko, four LED text pieces by Jenny Holzer from Laments, Bruno Jakob’s pictures drawn or painted with water, energy or brain, and Siobhan Liddell’s sculptures of the spaces between and light strip drawings. VAPOR chronologically concludes with proof of early


21st Century pleasure in the form of Erik Hanson’s new frottage work and Movie Series.

And all in light ofor in spite ofour fresh dread.


We all have a kind of pocket—which is vast. It is a weedy, unlit place where almost everything goes. This sinkhole of time and place composts 99% of our days. I mean, how much can we really retain? The precision of forgetting seems very advanced. However, from this discarded private and public muck some things apparently float—each waiting its own time, its own turn.


—Donald Moffett