• Environmental Action Plan , As of October 27, 2020
    Allison Janae Hamilton, Floridawater II, 2019

    Environmental Action Plan

    As of October 27, 2020

    These steps were developed in part with Galleries Commit, a coalition of gallery owners, employees, and artists advocating for climate conscious practices within the art world. For more information, please visit their website.


    Expectations and Advance Planning

    • Advocate for a reduction of last minute and rushed exhibitions, shipments, & crating through thoughtful planning
    • Calculate the carbon footprint of exhibitions and find ways to minimize it
    • Plan for exhibition deinstall and designate specific end destination for all material used

    Reducing Impact of Shipments

    • Offer an eco option on all shipping quotes to clients alongside conventional shipping options
    • Commit to prioritizing shipping artwork by ocean freight over air freight
    • Participate in fewer art fairs.  Advocate for art fairs to become carbon neutral or negative
    • Pack artwork with the intention of re-using materials
    • Use eco-friendly, bio-degradable, archival packing material
    • Lobby shipping companies to invest in hybrid vehicles when replacing trucks

    Green Operations

    • Ensure staff members have what they need to make climate-conscious decisions
    • Conduct a comprehensive energy survey with the aim of reducing overall electric and heating consumption from previous years baseline
    • Replace lighting in our main gallery to low-energy LEDs instead of halogen bulbs
    • Maximize recycling efforts through Terracycle and other sustainable efforts, including reuse of materials
    • Transition gallery vehicles to electric models
    • Eliminate Amazon and Uline orders, as well as next day shipping orders, with a focus on supporting local vendors
    • Audit usage of single-use plastic with the aim of phasing them out completely
    • Pursue and research sustainable food sources for events and staff
    • Research and replace re-ordered products with sustainable options


    • Reduce number of flights taken for art fairs and external exhibitions
    • Outline a new gallery-wide travel policy that supports the use of greener travel options such as mass transit, rail and limited air travel