• Antiracism Action Plan, As of October 27, 2020

    Antiracism Action Plan

    As of October 27, 2020

    Own, Measure, Report, Refine

    •  Execute a diversity, equality, and inclusion survey and report results internally twice a year
    • Annually audit our spending toward BIPOC and women-owned businesses in our procurement
    • Run an annual review of start to finish hiring, salary, and promotion
    • Track the diversity of our applicant pool
    • Form an antiracism committee of staff members, artists, and vendors to foster an inclusive & equitable workplace with the understanding that inclusivity and equity carry through to the client experience
    • Assess our corporate contributions and giving patterns so that they reflect our ongoing commitment and our shared values

    Source + Hire

    • Actively recruit BIPOC for open roles across all departments
    • Systematically assess opportunities to hire candidates with transferable skills
    • Test blind recruitment on a minimum of five positions & scale if successful
    • Source job candidates through a wider range of inclusive platforms
    • Shift from a "culture fit" to "culture add" mentality in recruitment process
    • Train all interviewers to run unbiased interviews
    • Work towards transparency in the hiring process
    • Continue to document and keep track of hiring process decisions
    •  Provide an educational and well-structured internship program

     Develop + Retain

    • Mitigate pay discrepancies highlighted by equal pay audit, if any
    • Mitigate power discrepancies by making certain that BIPOC- and women-identified employees are given equal responsibilities and decision-making power.

    Educate, Advocate + Support

    • Give preference to BIPOC and women-owned businesses in our procurement process
    • Establish Martin Luther King Day and Yom Kippur as permanent company-wide holidays. Employees will be encouraged to celebrate, learn, and give back to underserved and underrepresented communities
    • Publicly share our diversity & inclusion stats and initiatives in a dedicated page on our website, to be updated on a quarterly basis. Welcome and respond to feedback that might help us further refine this model. Encourage other galleries to adopt this model
    • Require all staff to review, discuss, and understand  "The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture" 
    • Host quarterly round-table lunch and learns to further our education and gain feedback from our staff, artists, and vendors