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Walkabout. Jay Heikes

Walkabout, the third solo exhibition by Jay Heikes at Marianne Boesky Gallery, includes a series of new works based on a variety of media and revolving around the idea of alchemy. Starting from this notion, and from its naïve philosophical and scientific tradition, Jay Heikes physically develops the act of creation and conceptually investigates the meaning of art making and its role in human life. My goal is notto turn a lesser metal into gold but to show that art is magic and realism is a naive melody worth humming along to,” says the artist.Through an experimental studio practice, the artist explores the use of a wide range of uncommon materials and produces works which call into questions the limits between two-and three-dimensional space, abstraction and figuration. His “cave painting” or his sculptures are at once familiar and foreign; his photographic experiments on fabric seem to return to early techniques, by their focus on light and chemical reactions; similarly his series of drawings emphasize the transformative power of the artist’s intervention.