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Arte Povera Exhibition of Pier Paolo Calzolari reviewed in Blouin Artinfo

Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, is hosting an exhibition, titled 'And I Say', by artist Pier Paolo Calzolari, that will be on view through March 25, 2017.

The exhibition brings two separate immersive installations, new paintings, and a series of lead wall works by Italian artist Pier Paolo Calzolari (b.1943, Bologna, Italy), a renowned figure of the Arte Povera movement, in his third solo with the gallery. The exhibition continues with the artist’s decade-long practice of using commonplace and organic materials, including salt, lead, oyster shells, frost, and fire as a means of exploring states of matter, transience, light, and beauty. The exhibition reflectson the artist’s continuing engagement with art history, as the works on view carries notions of primitive African graffiti to Cretan and Pompeiian painting, Japanese decorative arts, and elements of Mannerism and the Baroque, a practice that has not been seen in the works of his Arte Povera peers, as they frequently embraced an avant-garde rejection of the cultural past. With this display involving art historical sources, the exhibition offers a panorama of art experience across time, exploring the tensionbetween the drifting nature of life and the epitomic expressions of artistic traditions.