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Julia Dault

“Maker’s Mark,” the title of this Canadian-born artist’s much-anticipated solo debut at Boesky, hints at her process-oriented approach to painting and sculpture. Dault favors motifs and materials (including pleather and spandex) that recall ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture. The front room eschews her usual acid-tinged, saturated palette for a stunning display of black-and-white paintings installed on a wall printed with a gritty half-tone pattern. With the absence of color, attention is drawn to Dault’s surprising details. In The Wilds (2013-14), for instance, metallic mesh is visible behind glitch-printed spandex stretched across canvas; a wooden frame matches the stretchy fabric. The pattern appears again, in the back gallery, in Untitled 38, 8:45AM-12:30PM, February 19, 2015, a sculpture of various materials fastened together with string.