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View of Ferngully- a Haas Brothers exhibition in a museum in Miami

“Ferngully” by the Haas Brothers, at The Bass

This is the last month to catch The Bass’s big exhibition from the Los Angeles twins Nikolai and Simon Haas. The pair have made a delightful yet off-kilter world of anthropomorphic creatures, furniture, household décor, fungi -- made from hair, fur, sheepskin, beads, ceramics and myriad other materials. The brothers mix functional and exceptional craft-based skills with references to the natural environment and fantastical imagery to come up with this colorful, multi-piece installation whose theme stems from an animated children’s film about a magical rain forest. Look closely, and you can see the signs of both strife and joy of brotherly collaboration. Through April 21.

The Bass, 2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-7530