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Marianne Boesky Gallery is pleased to announce a special exhibition by Donald Moffett titled IMPEACH. The exhibition is comprised of a single sound piece installed in the front project gallery from November 11 – December 2, 2006.
Moffett describes the word "impeach" as epic poetry, albeit a one-word poem. Continuing to allow content to drive the form of his art, Moffett uses US Representative John Lewis' speech from December 18, 1998, arguing metaphorically against the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The legendary civil rights vanguardist slowed the congressional proceedings for approximately one minute before the vote was called and the matter lost. Moffett has chosen this Library of Congress recording for IMPEACH to push further his exploration of the American political landscape as both subject and object.
This will be Moffett's fourth sound work, but for the first time, sound will be the sole component of an installation. It is the second time he has focused on the subject of impeachment. The first project, WHAT BARBARA JORDAN WORE from 2002, was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. That piece contemplates Representative Barbara Jordan's deliberation of Richard Nixon's impeachment.
Donald Moffett: IMPEACH, will be installed in the front project gallery at Marianne Boesky Gallery at 509 West 24th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues) through December 2, 2006. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. The gallery will be closed on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 23rd.